Your- All- In- One- Dispatch Service Partner
We not only dispatch the highest paying loads, we optimize profit margins by creating a custom plan of action for booking loads that is specific to the profitability of each client and according to their goals and expenses
We Have Partnered with a Factoring Company to Offer Additional Benefits & Savings for Our Clients!!!!!!!
Discount Factoring Rates
No Hidden Fees
No Monthly Minimums
Same Day Funding
No Reserves, Full Funding
Fuel Advances 7 Days a Week
Fuel Cards and Discounts

Free Profit Optimization

We maximize load booking and ensure our clients are profitable with every load we book period

Highest Paying Load Negotiation

We leverage our extensive network to find you the best possible rate for your routes to ensure you receive the highest margin for your trips.

Broker and Shipper Communication

We handle all communication and update shippers and brokers, so you can focus on driving.

Trip Planning

We plan your trip for your booked loads to maximize efficiency.

Credit Checks

We throughly check the credit of all shippers and brokers that our clients do business with.

Helping Drivers

We help drivers and trucking companies with value-focused dispatch services and data-driven load optimization.
Our mission is to provide reliable, trustworthy dispatch support services to provide the best
possible experience that helps drivers grow their bottom line.
When you partner with Victory Freight Solutions, you can drive with 100% confidence that you
are getting the best value for every load, without worrying about management or paperwork.

Why Road Runner Transit

● Tri-Haul Opportunities
● Market Research
● Dedicated Lane Securement
● Truck Management Software
● Access to Established Broker and Factoring Company Relationships
● Dispatch Discounts and Exclusives
● All-in-one Management That Eliminates Downtime and Keeps You Driving

Road Runner Tansit = Happier Drivers