Here at runner-transit we love family and when you partner with us, you
become family also. We go above and beyond for our family and understand the sacrifice that it
takes to be a truck driver and or a fleet owner. We pride ourselves in making sure your job is
made easier by providing superior services. We understand and respect the trucking industry
and it is our honor to serve you.
We are the support team that you have been looking for. We specialize in strategically
positioning your truck in areas to maximize your profits with the less amount of stress on drivers
and their equipment. We are a one stop shop that keeps you and your trucking company
profitable and allows you to focus on driving and returning safely to your love ones. Our
company enjoys partnering with owner operators and fleet owners to keep our country running
by delivering products and goods.
Our service is specialized to ensure that every trucking company that works with us is profitable
on every load with our FREE profit optimization formula and report. In addition, we skillfully book
loads with great rates and we leverage our relationships to source dedicated lanes nationwide.
We assign dedicated dispatchers in order to develop an open line of communication and to
ensure that all our driver’s needs and preferences are met. At runner-transit we
respect and treat our drivers with care and attention. We see you, We hear you, and We
appreciate you. We are here to serve you. Let’s reach Victory together. Join the Victory
Freight Solution family today!